Dawn Of A New Era

by Mytherine

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    The debut album recorded, mixed and mastered at Winter Solitude Studio in Berlin and released on Nov 20, 2015 holds 10 Tracks telling a fantastic story about a civilization that travels and conquers to find its promised land and a better future.

    Duration: 39:18 minutes

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The debut album released on Nov 20, 2015 holds 10 Tracks telling a fantastic story about a civilization that travels and conquers to find its promised land and a better future.

Playing time: 39:18 minutes


released November 20, 2015

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Winter Solitude Studio in Berlin




Mytherine Berlin, Germany

The name Mytherine is a combination of the two words 'myth' and 'riverine'. Our lyrics describe adventures, sagas and myths from a fictional world, quite similar to our own. In the ways of Epic Death Metal it is our approach to create a raging current of fantastic tales and legends. Driving, moving, in constant motion and something you cannot avoid. ... more

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Track Name: Dawn Of A New Era
The desire for conquest is gone
Our view rests below the horizon
Nothing draws us into the distance anymore
We stay here where we are

The arms are too weak for the steel
Our eyes are blind, the heart cannot feel
The fire, the urge to be brave
The will to be proud and free

It is time for a new era!
Greet the dawn of a new era!

Kingdoms rotten, old
Fields filled with gold
Bending the knee
To a long dead crown

In wind and water born
To live in earth and stone
No fire, just embers
Cowering in the dark


We built these walls to protect
Now they simply keep us in here, trapped
There is no enemy behind these stones
No need to hide for you

So stand up and raise your head
Wake up from your slumber, use your hands
Take these chains you have forged yourself
Tear them down and set yourself free

Break down the walls
Hear the distance call
The world
Was waiting too

The night now will end
Look up and comprehend
Shout it out!
Let others see like you do


The desire for conquest reborn
Our eyes are on the horizon
Something draws us into the distance far
We won’t stay here anymore

The arms now reach for the steel
We have opened our eyes and the heart to feel
The fire, the urge to be brave
The will to be proud and free
Track Name: Into The Unknown
Set sails! Goodbye to old domains
Sea hails! The ocean is our road

Time has come
To leave the past behind
Known shores are fading
As we sail across the seas

Journey into the unknown

Towards the sun
Guided by the stars
The winds in favour
On our ride over the waves

Journey into the unknown

The land we know is far
There is no turning back
We set off for a precious dream
The land we seek is right ahead

In unknown waters now
No shore is all around
The night is gone but so’s the sun
Let’s hope we are on course.

It seems that we are lost…

Ho, heyoh! Ho, heyoh!

Ho, heyoh! Where are the stars
Ho, heyoh! That guide us to that land?
Ho, heyoh! Where is the sun?
Ho, heyoh! O, let this journey end!

Set sails! Discover new domains
Sea hails! The unknown is our goal


The Clouds are far behind
Destination still to find
With wind and hope in our sails
The journey’s going on

No matter what’s the cost
To reach horizon’s end
A new era will begin
In our promised land


… to an unknown land
Track Name: The Storm
All land is far away
In front of us only the sea
There’s nothing but the waves

A liquid mirror
Of the endless skies above
A mighty road as wide as the horizon in front of us

Our ships
Are rolling back and forth
Slowly, creaking
Cradled by the sea

The sun is turning red
An ominous silence fills the air
There’s no wind, no single wave

A weak low rumble
Far from the crimson skies ahead
Like a hungry beast approaching its prey

Dark clouds
Fill the sky
As rain falls like spears
And brings the storm!

This storm will take us all
Women, children, ship and crew

This storm will kill us all
This must be hell we're going through

Forty-eight died by the storm
Crushed by lightning, wind and rain
Another six drowned in the waves
Sinking down with silent screams

Another day begins
Calm and peaceful is the sea
Nothing but the waves again

Our comrades died
We will never forget their sacrifice
Given for a future that is waiting ahead

Strong winds
Clear blue skies
We believe soon there will be
Land in sight!
Track Name: Ancient Path
From the ocean
Towards mountains
Through dark forests
Forgotten long ago

To the crimson sun
Hiding in clouds
Through rain and thunder
Until the night falls

Where no beast
Or single human stayed
Death and ruins
Are all that remains

Blood and gore
Once covered these plains
A bone shingled serpent
Is winding ahead

We will follow this path to its very end
No turning back, no giving up in mind
Our destiny lies far ahead
It is waiting for us beyond this

Ancient Path!
A trail created times ago
For us to wander forth

Through the valley
Stained from battles
Over the mountains
Covered in ashes

Whether we will die
Or be reborn
To our destiny
We will roam

Track Name: Call To Arms
Out of the forests
Coming down from mountains tall
Over traces of the past
Through ancient graveyards vast

That land, straight ahead
Still dipped in shades of blue and red
Is crowned with silhouettes
Of a thousand armoured men

Stained are the heavens
Blood-red from the rising sun
Our shadows reaching long and far
To where the menace stands

We won’t hide, we won’t run
We stand together, proud and strong
The ghostly silence bursts like glass
As they come

Axe, sword and hammer
Crush armour, bone and flesh
Don’t hesitate to strike
Take the enemy’s life

Strike and slice and shatter
Force your way through man and shield
Charge and break their will
Clear the way and kill

Hear my call
Make them fall
Rush into battle
Slay them one by one

My hands are drenched with the rain of this carnage
The trembling stopped with the third man I have slain
No rest for us, here they come again
Call to arms!

Bring them down!!
Track Name: Victorious
The path is clear
The last man fell
We are standing tall

Blood-stained are
Armour and blade
Victory is ours

Stand up and behold
The beauty of this sight
This battle is over now
We shall celebrate tonight

Eat and drink and dance and sing
Taste the sweet fruit of victory

Bring us the wine we brought
In barrels from the ancient lords
And fill these horns

Bring us the beer we brewed
In that time we gladly left behind
And wet these throats

They were waiting for us
Preparing for war
Now it’s long time after dusk
And they are gone
Forever they will be gone

This is what legends are made of my friends
In bards’ stories our glorious deeds will remain

The men that fell
On our ways
Don't forget their names

Tell their stories
Let them live on
In your memories

Be proud and behold
The beauty of this sight
This feast is ours now
We will celebrate this day all night

To remember

Drink to the blood we shed
Drink to the friends that fell
Drink to the men we've slain
Drink to our victory

And remember
Track Name: Conquering Horizons
For worthy foes to defeat
Our blades are sharp and we are strong
More victories are what we need

For the thrill of the fight
Intoxicated by success
We crave for blood and taking lives

We won our battles one by one
Never falter but stay strong
A trail of death we leave behind
With only rage in mind

We bring them pain, we bring despair
Their screams shall fill the air
We want to bathe in blood and tears
They shall run and die in fear

These spears hunger for flesh
Chase them far and ride them down
Beat them in a deadly clash

Break their will to resist
Take down every single town
Let all of them cease to exist

Force your way
Set their homes ablaze
Like the rising sun
We are conquering horizons

Slay them down
Don’t spare anyone
Take everything that they can give
And set this place on fire

Let the flames kiss the sky
Only ashes should remain
In burning ruins they shall die

Embers glowing
In the darkness of night
Debris and corpses scorched
To coal, now alike

With the rising sun
We continue to seek
For more prey to hunt
And destroy the weak

Track Name: Of Blood And Sand
This is our journey’s end

We came to find our promised land
We fled from the ruins
Of our origin

Searching, hunting for a life
Without walls and chains
That hold us down in misery

Smoke crawls like a serpent through the sky
Charred remains of dead men pile up high

With a flaming heart and freedom in mind
We bared our teeth against mankind
Against the world we stand and fight together
Is this better than before?
We have become proud and strong
Our foes we’ve overcome
All that we gained all that remains is
A sea of blood and sand

Of blood and sand

Is this what we sought?

The enemies that we have slain
Have lived and fought so brave
To protect their kin

Blackened grounds we left behind
To bed their corpses
On a field of ashes and destruction


Look back to our promised land
The freedom we have scorched
Burned down to wastelands of
Blood and sand

This is our journey’s end
Track Name: From The Shadows
We settled down
On the soil we scorched
Built our homes
On ashes and bones

Still we hear their calls
A faint whisper
From remnants of war

No single man
Rested for days
Conquerors and victors
Have become afraid

Still we hear their calls
A pained moaning
Out of the dark

From the shadows
Every time we close our eyes
Dreadful horrors
Haunt a man for their desires
Turned against their men
Reaching for the blade to murder
Comrades, one by one
Die in silence, die by our hand

Men and children die
Slain by friend and kin
Covering the ground with blood
Revenge from those we killed
We’re cursed!
The dead brought us what we deserve

I am alone
The one who’s left
Shivering in fear
Not daring to rest

Still I hear them call
A silent song
Soothing and calm

I want to sleep
To close my eyes
Escape from this nightmare
Where everyone died

Still I hear them call
A joyous laughter
Full of vengeance and scorn

From the shadows
Now it’s time to close my eyes
Dreadful horrors
Haunting me for their desires
Turned against myself
Cutting through the throat with my knife
Dusk becoming grey
Life and light slowly fade away