Demo 2013

by Mytherine

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released September 17, 2013




Mytherine Berlin, Germany

The name Mytherine is a combination of the two words 'myth' and 'riverine'. Our lyrics describe adventures, sagas and myths from a fictional world, quite similar to our own. In the ways of Epic Death Metal it is our approach to create a raging current of fantastic tales and legends. Driving, moving, in constant motion and something you cannot avoid. ... more

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Track Name: Dawn Of A New Era
The desire for conquest is gone
Our view rests below the horizon
Nothing draws us into the distance anymore
We stay here where we are

The arms are too weak for the steel
Our eyes are blind and the heart cannot feel
The fire, the urge to be brave
The will to be proud and free

It is time for a new era!
Greet the dawn of a new era!

Kingdoms rotten, old
Fields filled with gold
Bending the knee
To a long dead crown

In wind and water born
To live in earth and stone
No fire, just embers
Cowering in the dark


We built these walls to protect
Now they simply keep us in here, trapped
There is no enemy behind these stones
No need to hide for you

So stand up and raise your head
Wake up from your slumber, use your hands
Take these chains you have forged yourself
Tear them down and set yourself free

Break down the walls
Hear the distance call
The world
Was waiting too

The night will now end
Look up and comprehend
Shout it out!
Let others see like you do


The desire for conquest is born
Our eyes are on the horizon
Something draws us into the distance far
We won’t stay here anymore

The arms now reach for the steel
We have opened our eyes and the heart to feel
The fire, the urge to be brave
The will to be proud and free
Track Name: The Storm
All land is far away
The only before us is the sea
There’s nothing but the waves

A liquid mirror
Of the endless skies above
A mighty road as wide as the horizon in front of us

Our ships
Are moving back and forth
Slowly, creaking
Cradled by the sea

The sun is turning red
An ominous silence fills the air
There’s no wind, no single wave

A weak low rumble
Far from the crimson skies above
Like a hungry beast that stalks on its prey

Dark clouds
Fill the sky
As rain falls like spears
And brings the storm!

This storm will take us all
Women, children, ship and crew

This storm will kill us all
This must be hell we're going through

Forty-eight died by the storm
Crushed by lightning, wind and rain
Another six drowned in the waves
Sinking down with silent screams

Another day begins
Calm and peaceful is the sea
Nothing but the waves again

Our comrades died
We will never forget their sacrifice
Given for the future that is waiting ahead

Strong winds
Clear blue skies
We believe, there soon will be
Land in sight